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Groups My Test Groups

Groups My Test Groups

Operation Name: operation Name
Description: description

All actions require a valid user name and password using authenticaion header.
Show a raw xml example including the authentication header.

Service url:

Adding a reference to inwise web services

User Name:

This method is obsolute and will be removed soon
The service enables you to view a list of all your test groups.
The operation returns an array of GroupData with the groups ids and names.


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Java Code:

//get a reference to the service InwiseWebServices ws = new InwiseWebServices();
InwiseWebServicesSoap inwiseWebServicesSoap = ws.getInwiseWebServicesSoap();

//fill the security header
HeaderHandler hh = new HeaderHandler("myusername", "myPassword");

//call the operation
inwise.ArrayOfGroupData groups = inwiseWebServicesSoap.groupsMyTestGroups();
Iterator<GroupData> it=groups.getGroupData().iterator();
while (it.hasNext())
GroupData group =;
int groupid = group.getId();//the group id
String groupName = group.getName();//the group name

C# Code:

 //get a reference to the service

        InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices ws = new InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices();


        //fill the security header

        InwiseWebServices.SecHeader header = new InwiseWebServices.SecHeader();

        header.username = "username";

        header.pass = "myPassword";

        ws.SecHeaderValue = header;//set credentials


        //call the operation

        InwiseWebServices.GroupData[] groups = ws.Groups_MyTestGroups();

        for (int i = 0; i < groups.Length; i++)


            InwiseWebServices.GroupData group = groups[i];

            int groupid = group.Id;//the group id

            string groupName = group.Name;//the group name


VB Code:

 'get a reference to the service

        Dim ws As InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices = New InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices()


        'fill the security header

        Dim header As InwiseWebServices.SecHeader = New InwiseWebServices.SecHeader()

        header.username = "username"

        header.pass = "myPassword"

        ws.SecHeaderValue = header 'set credentials


        'call the operation

        Dim groups() As InwiseWebServices.GroupData = ws.Groups_MyTestGroups()

        Dim i As Integer

        For i = 0 To groups.Length - 1 Step i + 1

            Dim group As InwiseWebServices.GroupData = groups(i)

            Dim groupid As Integer = group.Id 'the group id

            Dim groupName As String = group.Name 'the group name


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