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Email Marketing API-B

Email Marketing API-Part B

InwiseWebServices API Center


Create    Create a new entity List    List entities Send    Send a message Logon    Creates a session token Logoff    Log off and remove the session token


Recipient    A recipient MobileMessage    A mobile phone message Tag    A tag ContactsGroup    A Contacts Group BouncedEmail    A Bounced Email UnsubscribedEmail    An Unsubscribed Email EmailFeedbackAction    An Email Feedback Action UserQuery    A user defined segmentation Sent Email Message    A sent email log

Sending Examples

Existing mobile message    To an existing recipient Existing mobile message    To a new recipient New mobile message    To an existing recipient New mobile message    To a new recipient Existing email message    To test emails Existing mobile message    To test numbers New AB Testing Create and schedule a new AB Testing Send template to recipients

More examples

List campaign templates List email feedback actions Create a new segmentation

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