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Statistics Get Last FeedBack

Statistics Get Last FeedBack

Operation Name: operation Name
Description: description

All actions require a valid user name and password using authenticaion header.
Show a raw xml example including the authentication header.

Service url:

Adding a reference to inwise web services

User Name:
The service enables you to view a list of all your feedback actions since the last call to this operation.
Once you call the operation all of the feedback actions are marked as read, and on the next call to the operation only the newer actions will be displayed.
The results count is limited to 50000
The operation returns an Array of FeedbackResponse objects with the following fields set:
  • Aid - the id of the record.
  • ActionDate - the date of the action.
  • Recipientid - the id of the recipient who made the action.
  • Sendid - the send id of the message which caused the operation.
  • Action - the code of the action. A translation table is available through another service.
  • Remarks - some actions have additional data.


  • No fields.

Java Code:

//get a reference to the service InwiseWebServices ws = new InwiseWebServices();
InwiseWebServicesSoap inwiseWebServicesSoap = ws.getInwiseWebServicesSoap();

//fill the security header
HeaderHandler hh = new HeaderHandler("myusername", "myPassword");

//call the operation
inwise.ArrayOfFeedbackResponse fbActions = inwiseWebServicesSoap.statisticsGetLastFeedBack();
Iterator<FeedbackResponse> it=fbActions.getFeedbackResponse().iterator();
FeedbackResponse action =;
int rowId = action.getAid();//the record id for tracking
XMLGregorianCalendar actionDate = action.getActionDate();//the date of the action
int actionCode = action.getAction();//the action code
int sendid = action.getSendid();//the send id of the message
int recipientid = action.getRecipientid();//the recipient id
String remarks = action.getRemarks();//some actions have additional data

C# Code:

 //get a reference to the service

        InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices ws = new InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices();


        //fill the security header

        InwiseWebServices.SecHeader header = new InwiseWebServices.SecHeader();

        header.username = "username";

        header.pass = "myPassword";

        ws.SecHeaderValue = header;//set credentials


        //call the operation

        InwiseWebServices.FeedbackResponse[] fbActions = ws.Statistics_GetLastFeedBack();

        for (int i = 0; i < fbActions.Length; i++)


            InwiseWebServices.FeedbackResponse action = fbActions[i];

            int rowId = action.Aid;//the record id for tracking

            DateTime actionDate = action.ActionDate;//the date of the action

            int actionCode = action.Action;//the action code

            int sendid = action.Sendid;//the send id of the message

            int recipientid = action.Recipientid;//the recipient id

            string remarks = action.Remarks;//some actions have additional data


VB Code:

 'get a reference to the service

        Dim ws As InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices = New InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices()


        'fill the security header

        Dim header As InwiseWebServices.SecHeader = New InwiseWebServices.SecHeader()

        header.username = "username"

        header.pass = "myPassword"

        ws.SecHeaderValue = header 'set credentials


        'call the operation

        Dim fbActions() As InwiseWebServices.FeedbackResponse = ws.Statistics_GetLastFeedBack()

        Dim i As Integer

        For i = 0 To fbActions.Length - 1 Step i + 1

            Dim action As InwiseWebServices.FeedbackResponse = fbActions(i)

            Dim rowId As Integer = action.Aid 'the record id for tracking

            Dim actionDate As DateTime = action.ActionDate 'the date of the action

            Dim actionCode As Integer = action.Action 'the action code

            Dim sendid As Integer = action.Sendid 'the send id of the message

            Dim recipientid As Integer = action.Recipientid 'the recipient id

            Dim remarks As String = action.Remarks 'some actions have additional data


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