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All actions require a valid user name and password using authenticaion header.
Show a raw xml example including the authentication header.

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Adding a reference to inwise web services

User Name:
The service enables you to perform a one time login for a quicker response time.
The operation returns a unique token to be used instead of the normal authentication header for the rest of your session.
After login, you can send the token in a different header called sessionIdentifier, and not send the normal securityHeader.


  • The operation expects no parameters other than the usual authentication header.

Java Code:

//get a reference to the service InwiseWebServices ws = new InwiseWebServices();
InwiseWebServicesSoap inwiseWebServicesSoap = ws.getInwiseWebServicesSoap();

//fill the security header
HeaderHandler hh = new HeaderHandler("myusername", "myPassword");

Now we can call the "Login" operation for getting the session token.
For setting the new header, please check the code for creating the usual header here with the following changed:
  1. Change the header name from "SecHeader" to "AuthIdentifier"
  2. Do not set SOAPElement "username" and SOAPElement "pass"
  3. Set a SOAPElement named "identifier" with the value of the token you recieved from the service.

C# Code:

 InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices ws = new InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices();


        //fill the security header

        InwiseWebServices.SecHeader header = new InwiseWebServices.SecHeader();

        header.username = "username";

        header.pass = "myPassword";

        ws.SecHeaderValue = header;//set credentials


        string sessionToken = ws.Login();


        //now I can use the new header

        ws.SecHeaderValue = null;//clear the old header if you want


        //create the new header

        InwiseWebServices.AuthIdentifier sessionHeader = new InwiseWebServices.AuthIdentifier();

        //set it's value

        sessionHeader.identifier = sessionToken;

        //set the service with the new header

        ws.AuthIdentifierValue = sessionHeader;

        //now I can continue the normal activity

VB Code:

  Dim ws As New InwiseWebServices.InwiseWebServices()


        'fill the security header

        Dim header As New InwiseWebServices.SecHeader()

        header.username = "username"

        header.pass = "myPassword"

        'set credentials

        ws.SecHeaderValue = header


        Dim sessionToken As String = ws.Login()


        'now I can use the new header

        ws.SecHeaderValue = Nothing 'clear the old header if you want


        'create the new header

        Dim sessionHeader As New InwiseWebServices.AuthIdentifier()

        'set it's value

        sessionHeader.identifier = sessionToken

        'set the service with the new header

        ws.AuthIdentifierValue = sessionHeader

        'now I can continue the normal activity

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