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Email Marketing API-Part A

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Recipients_AddOrUpdate    Add/Update Recipient Recipients_CancelUnsubscribe    Removes an email address from the unsubscribed list Recipients_CheckUnsubscribed   Check if a Recipient is marked as Unsubscribed Recipients_DeleteRecipientRecord   Delete a recipient by an email Recipients_EmailAddressVerify   Verify that an email address is valid Recipients_GetActionsHistory   Returns all ot the recipient's actions Recipients_GetById   View a recipient's details and groups Recipients_GetMessages   Get Messages Sent for one Recipient Recipients_GetRecipientId   Returns the recipient id by it's email Recipients_GetUnsubscribed   Get a list of the latest unsubscribed recipients data Recipients_QuickImport   Quick Import Recipients_RegularImport   Regular Import (with update) Recipients_SignUpRecipient   Sign Up Recipient Recipients_Unsubscribe   Mark a recipient as unsubscribed


Sending_SendIndividualExistingMessage   Send immediate email from existing message (without sending control) Sending_SendIndividualNewMessage   Send immediate email (without sending control) Sending_SendReal_ToQuery   Send a message to a query Sending_SendReal   Send a message to a real group Sending_SendTest   Send a message to a test group
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Local Groups

Groups_CreateFolder   Create a New Folder Groups_CreateGroup   Create a New Group Groups_Delete   Delete a Group (without deleting the recipients) Groups_GetRecipients   View the list recipients for a group Groups_MyFolders   View all groups folders Groups_MyRegularGroups   View all regular groups Groups_MyTestGroups   View all test groups Groups_Rename   Rename a Group

External Groups

Groups_External_AddNewDBConnection   Add New Remote DataBase Connection Groups_External_CreateGroup   Create a New External Group Groups_External_GetRemoteConnectionsDetails   Get Remote Connections Details Groups_External_Load   Load External Group Recipients Groups_External_MyRemoteGroups   Get Remote Groups Details


Messages_CopyMessage   Creates a new message based on an existing one Messages_CreateNewMessage   Creates a new message Messages_GetAllMessagesSummary   Returns all messages details, no message body Messages_GetLinkText   Get The link text for a link id Messages_GetMessage   Returns a full message details,no statistics, by it's send id Messages_GetSentGroups   Returns the names and Ids of the groups for whom was sent to Messages_GetTags   Get all messages tags


Statistics_GetFeedBackFormForSendid   View form feedback results for a message Statistics_GetFeedBackForSendid   View feedback results for a message Statistics_GetLastFeedBack   View Feedback Results Statistics_GetMessageResults   View statistics results for a message Statistics_GetSendTransactionsBySendid   Returns all of the sent message transactions data for the specified send id Statistics_ListNonSentEmails   View non sent emails Statistics_TranslateActionCodes   Get action codes translation Statistics_TranslateBouncesCodes   View bounces codes description


Queue_Importing   Returns a view of the current import queue Queue_Sending   Returns a view of the current sending queue


Errors_GetErrorCodes   Show All Error Codes Errors_TranslateErrorCode   Get Error Description By Id Login   Login SignOut   SignOut

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